Uploading Guidelines

Uploading vs. embeding: If the video you are uploading is your own, you are more than welcome to upload it directly or embed your existing YouTube videos. If you find a video online that is not yours and would like to share it, please embed the video rather than ripping it and uploading it as your own. We like to give credit to the original content creators.

Try and make it relevant If you're posting a video about a certain interesting incident that happened and you're uploading your full 3 or 5 minute video, try and indicate where to look for the incident. That said, we welcome any interesting road related footage. Even if you want to upload some nice scenic footage, if you think others will be interested in watching you're more than welcome to share.

No compilation videos. Please keep each incident video separate. We want to give each incident its own stage and exposure. Please do not bunch up a number of them into one video and upload it as a compilation as we want to be able to make the videos easily find-able on the map and sortable by time. This is not possible with compilation videos.

No personal details. Please do not add any personal details or anything which would help identify the driver itself. If the footage takes place at someone's house (IE driveway) and could possibly shame the driver, please check the privacy box at the bottom of the upload page to prevent the video from appearing on the map and therefore exposing the person's personal address.

Only proven incidents If you're uploading a video which details a traffic violation or near miss, please only do so wotj videos or photographs which include a clearly visible depiction of the incident taking place. A general photograph or video of the vehicle not doing anything with accompanying text describing a violation which took place earlier will not be accepted. For example: A general picture of a car accompanied but text along the lines of "This driver cut me off and brake checked me, and then gave me the finger" would not be accepted.

License plates: We encourage users to enter license plates so that the owners of these plates can later see their driving from another perspective and perhaps realize how they are affecting other drivers. In case of accidents, entering plate numbers can help those involved easily find the video.

Keep it civil: Some videos can induce strong feeling among users. Please try to refrain from using abusive and derogatory language when commenting on the videos.

Keep it PG: This website hopes to be able to educate and improve driving. For that reason, we hope that younger viewers will also frequent and learn from here. For that reason, if you upload videos containing potentially graphic material please check the appropriate checkbox on the bottom of the upload page. That way this will only be viewable to people who have agreed to have this type of material present.

No duplications: We are not in the habit of uploading the same video twice. If you have unique video footage of an incident that has already been uploaded, that would be acceptable. Please however do not upload a video that has already been uploaded. However, if that video is your own video and someone else has uploaded it and taken credit for it, please let us know and you will be allowed to upload it.

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