About Us

How many of us have found ourselves in the situation where we get back to our car only to find a nice big dent on it? And of course we don't know who did it... there's no note or anything.
And since someone has to pay for this, it's going to be our insurance company, who can't reach the person responsible, so will have no choice but to pass some of it on to us, the drivers.
This is true of course also in the case of a "regular accident" where both drivers are present. Without any evidence, it's all a matter of he said, she said.

Drivers pay a lot of money (deductables, increased premiums, losing no-claim bonuses etc.) for insurance claims of incidents that occured where they simply aren't at fault (for example a parked car hit & run, or conflicting testomonies between the drivers), and pay premiums that don't necessarily reflect their specific risk factor. This happens because insurance companies usually don't know what really happened when a claim is files. In addition to the immediate damages that need to be paid out, this also means that they cannot accurately assess the risk factors of their drivers, and as a result are forced to "penalize" all drivers.

The introduction of dashcams has had a very positive impact many incidents are recorded by them every day. However, in many cases, the recorder of the incident (the dash cam owner) is not actually involved in the accident and is merely a 3rd party observer, and may for one of many reasons simply carry on driving (late for a meeting, can't stop on a busy high-way, just doesn't want to get involved etc.). In this case even though the accident was recorded, the recording is unavailable to the parties involved and they can't benefit from it.

Comroads is a social sharing platform with the goal of making it possible to find and obtain needed video evidence of traffic accidents or incidents, according to when and where they took place, using videos recorded by already existing dash cams on the road. This way, Comroads hopes to reduce situations where drivers need to pay for accidents that they were involved in but were not their fault, and in doing so also to recude the premium costs that drivers need to pay for auto insurance.

Drivers who record 3rd party insurance incidents on their dash cams, can now share them on our platform, making it possible for the parties involved to gain access to them and to help them. These videos will help establish who is at fault and can even help identify and study problematic areas on the road, allowing authoroties to also make improvements.

At Comroads, we believe that with time, our users can help us make an overall improvment on the way we drive and increase road safety as a whole.

Join us, share your experiences on the roads and help us make driving safer and cheaper.